A bit of DiCaprio’s anger

It seems like by now, Leonardo DiCaprio not winning an Oscar from the Academy Awards has become a traditional subject around the date of the event. Even when the people demand that he win a prize, their voices are ignored, and the fact that they have no power over such a decision only seems to add fuel to their fire. Although many of us are angry at the lack of recognition Leo seems to get during the Academy Awards, he often claims that he doesn’t care if he gets a prize or not. Rather, he loves his line of work too much to get affected by simply not having the one trophy missing from his collection of prizes.

However, during this year’s Golden Globe awards ceremony, the same Leonardo DiCaprio who usually stays noble about his snubing decided to finally give a more emotional piece of his mind about it. This was while accpeting the prize for bBest Actor in a Musical or Comedy thanks to his leading role in The Wolf of Wall Street. Here it is in GIF form:

Dicaprio_1 Dicaprio_2 Dicaprio_3 Dicaprio_4 Dicaprio_5 Dicaprio_6 Dicaprio_7 Dicaprio_8

Pretty cool huh? Well…the joke’s on all of us. After doing more research, it turns out that the text in these GIFs was made up and stapled on to them instead of the original acceptance speech.  Here’s the link to the original one, which is a lot more generic and happy:

All in all though, Leo has amazing fans if they’re a hundred times angrier  then him about things like the Academy Awards always snubing him.

Source for the original GIFs : http://imgur.com/gallery/RCvl


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