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Awesome hardcore cooking show!

Are you aware of the legendary youtube channel Epicmealtime? Well, that’s not what I’m going to talk about today.


The cooking show I’d like to introduce  to you readers originates from Sweden, although the crew made sure that most viewers on their youtube channel would be able to understand what’s going on in their videos.





Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time likes to embody a stereotype on how metal enthusiasts make food. Their way of cuisine is brutal, without mercy and often messy, yet the process gives you surprisingly normal looking and delicious results! This group essentially makes regular home-cooked meals with the joke being that it’s done in a not so regular and ordinary fashion. Their first video dates back to 2011, when at first it was a “retourt to EpicMealTime”. They continued to steadily post videos and gaining their own fame, then went on hiatus. For a long time, no one really knew when and if the cast of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time would come back to youtube.

Now, after about a year of waiting, I’m excited to say that they’ve back!  Here’s their first and latest video since their short announcement of their return.



If you find this kind of show entertaining, look this channel up on youtube . They also have a facebook, twitter, instagram and google+ if you want to help support them. And if ever you become a big fan of theirs, they have an awesome merchandise at their online store if you’d like to be a walking ad for them while wearing cool clothing.


We can wear our Vans this summer!


google image

Last summer for maybe the first time ever, a famous touring music and extreme sports festival didn’t visit Montreal on it’s usual month. Vans warped tour had claimed that for the past few years, they hadn’t been getting enough revenue from the island to stop by in 2013 at the usual place for the festival to take place.

However, it seems like warped tour decided to reconsider leaving Montreal out of their tour dates for at least this summer. This wasn’t much of a surprise for most regular attendees of the festival. Montreal is known for having a substantial amount of crazy music fans who love their festivals and shows. It was probably more of a surprise to not have warped over last year. Amongst some of the first rumors on why the tour and its bands couldn’t come last year, one of them was directed at  Pauline Marois and the PQ (or Pack Quickly, for many anglophones who live in this province). They thought  that thanks to them, festivals in Quebec were to have a quota on francophone artists involved to be able to place dates in this province. It’s only ever been a rumor, however. Now, anyone who had to miss the festival last year can rejoice and drool all over this summer’s line-up!

Vans Warped Tour will be in Montreal over at Parc Jean-Drapeau on July 5th. Tickets are priced at 45$ for now and will cost 50$ on showings.

For more info on this tour and its bands, check out

Out of the 103 bands that will be part of Warped Tour, I look forward to seeing at least a good dozen of them if f I can get myself a ticket. What about the rest of you guys? Would anyone who’s never been to Warped Tour try it out if they had the chance?