Awesome hardcore cooking show!

Are you aware of the legendary youtube channel Epicmealtime? Well, that’s not what I’m going to talk about today.


The cooking show I’d like to introduce  to you readers originates from Sweden, although the crew made sure that most viewers on their youtube channel would be able to understand what’s going on in their videos.





Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time likes to embody a stereotype on how metal enthusiasts make food. Their way of cuisine is brutal, without mercy and often messy, yet the process gives you surprisingly normal looking and delicious results! This group essentially makes regular home-cooked meals with the joke being that it’s done in a not so regular and ordinary fashion. Their first video dates back to 2011, when at first it was a “retourt to EpicMealTime”. They continued to steadily post videos and gaining their own fame, then went on hiatus. For a long time, no one really knew when and if the cast of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time would come back to youtube.

Now, after about a year of waiting, I’m excited to say that they’ve back!  Here’s their first and latest video since their short announcement of their return.



If you find this kind of show entertaining, look this channel up on youtube . They also have a facebook, twitter, instagram and google+ if you want to help support them. And if ever you become a big fan of theirs, they have an awesome merchandise at their online store if you’d like to be a walking ad for them while wearing cool clothing.


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