Comic Review: Crossed

Do you hate extreme gore, hints at satanism and ultimate irony? Well let me tell you, this comic book series sure ain’t for you.


Crossed wallpaper


The first ten issues were written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Jacen Burrows. The rest of the comics that are meant to be only in print were written by David Lapham. That makes six volumes in total. I honestly stumbled on the first volumes when a friend brought it with him to school. After he let me read it, I was hooked. About a year later, I found that a web comic had also been released on the main website of Crossed. It’s still being updated in the present as it approaches the end of its fourth volume.


Honestly, this series is sick. It’s sick and twisted yet the irony is that the whole thing, the universe and the laws type of infection invented for this fictional world, is that it’s just one big ironic and cynical joke. Crossed is able to instal chills and thrills in a way that no zombie series has been able to do. The infection doesn’t kill you, it just makes you go crazy until you die. It’s actually very similar to the rage virus stereotype in zombie fiction, where the infected are mindless, angry looking and acting killing machines that will never stop running to reach their victims. The difference isn’t just with the undead trait though, it’s also with how the virus makes you go crazy. You can still speak and and make decisions, but those decisions will almost always revolve around and mix with eating (even if they have to chew on their own and themselves), mating and killing.


If you don’t have the ressources to find and get the volumes of Crossed that are in print, head on over to the series’ main website for full access to the web comic.


Crossed’s Main Website:


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