Gala des Maitres du Feu Highlights

On March 28th of this year, in a quaint little ex bath-house called the Bain Mathieu, I had the joy of seeing different pyro and belly-dancing enthusiasts entertain a full-house as well as a trio of judges for an event called ‘Les Maitres du Feu’.  It’s a gala as well as a perfect opportunity for many of these performers to gain some fame. The event in itself felt very underground, but it’s understandable seeing as these sorts of entertainers are a sort of dying breed, at least in these parts. I only found out about the gala through a friend of mine who had a spot in the line-up. I admit I had my doubts on how good this show would be. As soon as the show went on however they went away and I had a fantastic time, despite all the little messes here and there throughout the show. What primarily matters is that everything was a safe success.

Without further ado, I shall be showing you the parts of the show that I find were most memorable.


Rasmus Leo Foyer

This man not only showed good skill and entertainment, he made a speech before beginning his number that show just how much this passion for fire and his closeness with the element is for him.


Marina Salonga & Vulk

The first place winners! A beautiful duo, with a skillful fire-dancer and a wonderful singer that can beat box too.


Combat with weapons on fire

You can tell this number was choreographed, but who cares! They fought with flaming weapons, literally. When you’re trying to make sure no one including yourself is safe from such a performance on the first try, it’s not very wise to just improvise with that.



I met this man through my friend


Tribal Roses (Scarlet Black & Kagutsuch Ito)

Another awesome duo. You can tell these two have a lot of experience in fire and show biz.


Doc. Robert Sanguis

Finally, you have my friend. He’s the kind of guy who told me he was working on a freak show that people of all ages can enjoy. I hope he manages to go far. Some people might think this is sick, I think it’s just being playfully creative.


Search for ‘Maitres du Feu 2014’ to see more videos for this year’s gala. There are also some other recordings of at least the previous year. I leave you now with two little intermission sequences the host did to entertain everyone while waiting for the upcoming number to be ready to perform.




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