Get some of your gaming lore from these channels!

Have you ever played any of the Elder Scroll games and wondered if there was more to its lore than from what you could find in books or stories told from an NPC? Do you have a short attention-span or just don’t have enough time to extensively research your favourite game’s lore on your own time? If it’s the case, you’re reading the right blog post.

I’ve never had a problem with Bethesda’s biggest series. But from what I’ve heard and played, it’s hard to actually know the full story of those games, seeing as there are so many smaller plots going on in their universe. That’s what happens when you make an open world game. A channel going by the name ShoddyCast decided to take it upon themselves to release videos giving as much details on Bethesda’s games as they can. Not only do they research the crap out of the games, they also used references from for their Elder Scrolls series from a lore website that has been alive since 1998. Its creator has worked on much of the series’ lore for the games’ company. Not only that, but the narrator for the Fallout lore series is AMAZING!



Then, there are games where either you don’t figure there would be a story behind it or players are left to figure most of the story out by simply playing it to the end. Those games have just as many chances of having hints on its lore as there are chances of finding none. LORE is a fun and informative Youtube channel that releases multiple short videos of different kinds. There’s Lore in a Minute, where you get to learn in a short and simple way the story of a game, a company or the development of a game. Then there are Fast Facts, where many anecdotes, cheats or information on a specific part of a game are diverged. To give an example about how creative the people behind this channel can be, here’s their take at Flappy Bird’s lore in a minute. Their catchphrase in the ‘About’ section is “Have fun!”, so I hope you don’t expect all their videos to be this kind of wacky (you’ll understand once you watch it).

Oh, and have fun watching more of these videos if they’re for you!






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