Heavy MTL This Year Looks Trashy


Another summer, another bunch of festivals! Heavy MTL is meant for the good old fashioned metalheads. There are always some of the biggest bands older bands headlining for this two day concert. This year, we have Metallica and Slayer. Personally, I’m going there for Lamb of God first of all. Then if I’m able to see Twisted Sister on the same day, I’ll be satisfied. Otherwise, I just generally enjoy the feel of these festivals and tours. It’s a great way to discover other bands and have fun outside while waiting for the bands I know and do want to see to do their performances.

This year will be my first time at Heavy MTL. The price always made me feel uncomfortable, but honestly I need to go there at least once before I die just to know what it’s like. It also helps that I have a job this year. If you decide to attend, whether you want to see the bands or simply try the festival out, you can always look around for me and have fun together! For more information on this festive weekend, visit¬†heavymontreal.com. Otherwise, the line-up that changed not long ago can be seen below this text.


For all other information on Heavy Mtl, visit their main website: heavymontreal.com




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