{DLC Review} Outlast: Whistleblower


About half a year after the first release of the the original game Outlast, Red Barrel Games published downloadable content for its amazing horror game. This content is a prequel to the actual game’s story.

In this installment, you play as Waylon Park. A.K.A the Whistleblower. A.K.A the man who sent the anonymous email to the main story’s protagonist. Not long after sending his email to try and expose the atrocities he had to help with, Waylon gets busted and admitted into the project that inevitably goes awry. Seeing as the subjects for the experimentation were all recorded, you start with a camera like the one in the previous installment as soon as the action starts.


Something that I didn’t mention in my article on Outlast is that that game and its DLC know how to actually do jump scares. They were well placed apart and I found that a many of them weren’t predictable at all. I think that other horror game developers should really study Outlast and get inspired from the actually good jump scares.

Nothing is really different in terms of game mechanics and graphics. The beauty lies with the addition of homosexual themes dripping wet with twisted and disturbing imagery. I’ve only seen stuff like this in a few other horror games and it was pretty much straight sexual abuse. So this is a fresh way for Red Barrel Games to really seep in its players’ minds with its images and sounds that will sit in there and make you twitch and cringe just thinking about this DLC’s moments again.



Oh! And the man in the image above this paragraph is someone you will DEFINITELY have to look out for throughout this prequel. Yes, it’s best to do that in order to avoid him as best as you can…and he’s just the first of your bigger problems.

Outlast: Whistleblower has been out since May 6 and is still only available for PC and Playstation 4 along with the original game. It’s a wonderful piece of horror artwork. So as I said at the end of my Outlast review,  please buy it and not crack it!


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