Outlast Game Review

It’s not often nowadays that a horror game will impress me. Red Barrel’s creation, Outlast, was able to. The downloadable content (as in the DLC) was even better! But that’s for another article. Here, we’ll be focusing on the game without said DLC.outlast

Outlast is about an independent journalist who travels in Colorado to a place called Mount Massive Asylum, an abandoned facility that was recently re-opened by the supposed research and charity branch of a corporation that goes by the name of Murkoff.  The reason for this is because he received an anonymous email hinting on a big conspiracy scoop that both the reporter and the sender of the email would be all too happy to expose to the world.  However, by the time the journalist Miles Upshur finds a way to break in the seemingly re-abandoned asylum, he finds out too late that once inside, his only hope of escape is tied to finding out exactly what happened to Murkoff and its patients in the facility.1053933040_1394546803

For all you gamers out there, Outlast is a lot like a mixture of Mirror’s Edge and Amnesia. You can parkour while running but you have no weapons to defend yourself with. The compensate for that lack of melee or ranged weapons, the journalist you play as has a camera to record his scoop with and it has night vision. This makes it great for moments when you find yourself in pitch black areas (which happens quite often) and you can see the enemies before they can even hear you. Although to prevent this feature from making the game play too easy, the night vision drains the camera’s battery. Of course, this means that there are batteries everywhere in the asylum for you to find to keep your device alive.ol3

Adding to that is the fact that the enemies chasing you have randomized behavior. An example of this is that although you can hide in places such as lockers or under beds, it doesn’t mean that there is a specific one in an enemy or enemies’ territory won’t check. This is what I meant by randomized behavior.  You literally have no way of knowing if your hiding spot will be left alone or not. Not only that, but there are ways to avoid pissing off some of the crazies into a chase. There are even chances of manipulating one into getting killed by another.

Outlast is a game that is definitely worth buying if you’re a horror fan and you don’t mind not having any weapons. Mixing and matching different influences (not all from other horror games either) was a genius decision! Finally, in my opinion this is one of the games that will help its beloved genre evolve in a good direction.Outlast5

Outlast is exclusive to the PC and Playstation 4. So if you have either one and want to see what the monstrosity in the picture above is all about, BUY IT! Don’t crack it. That is all.


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