Amnesia Rockfest 2014


While the Vans Warped Tour usually has alternative/hardcore bands and Heavy MTL likes to focus on having metal bands, Rockfest on its end tends to have more of a punk vibe to it. That doesn’t mean that there’s no way of seeing bands that don’t exactly fit those genres of music in each festival/tour though.

Rockfest is a two day festival set in the incredibly small town of Montebello(it only has one big street!) My first and only time so far that I was able to go was last year.

Before I go into some details about my experience, I’d like to point out and remind you readers that Warped Tour skipped our province this previous year. I’m mentioning this because in my opinion, many of the problems I noticed at Rockfest seemed to come from being unprepared for the number of people who ended up going to this festival. The portable toilets were disgusting and out of toilet paper after the first day. A urine hose actually burst too, so I unfortunately had to walk past a few piss puddles throughout my two days there. There was only one ATM machine that ran out pretty quickly, and many of the residents of Montebello overpriced their parking space for people to set up their tents in. Oh, and phone service there is pretty crappy.


The bands at Rockfest 2013 were awesome! Their performances were envigorating, although I think Marilyn Manson might have been tired that weekend…amongst other possibilities. I was able to make a lesser known band’s day on the first half of the festival by letting them know that fans like me who saw them at Warped Tour in 2012 existed. Also some reason, more then one band decided to do a cover of AC/DC’s song TNT. It felt a little repetitive but it was still interesting to see the different cover versions.

To conclude this article, I’d like to say that if you like or want to see a massive amount of punks sporting epic mowhawks, you want to get away from the city for your music festivals and you don’t mind the possible complications that could arise there, Rockfest is for you! Plus, look at this cool line-up!


I’m probably not going to be able to go…but if I do, just look for crazy one with a shirt tied around the lower half of her face to avoid the possible clouds of sand and dirt.

For more information on Amnesia Rockfest, and to have a better look at all the small font sized band names you can’t discern in the line-up picture above, visit


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