{DLC Review} Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Ep.1




If you’ve read my Review of Bioshock: Infinite, you know that I highly recommended buying the DLC for it. I also said that the third game found a way to connect to the other two previous games of the Bioshock series. Well…SPOILER ALERT! The world where Columbia exists in is actually an alternate universe where instead of building a city underwater, it was made to float in the sky.

Now, from this point on, I will be making some references to Biochock: Infinite’s ending to be able to explain parts of its DLC. For those of you who don’t care for spoilers, or who don’t care either if I make references to other of the Bioshock games, by all means read on!


Following the instance where Booker Dewitts kills Elizabeth to stop the madness he had inadvertently created through and possibly makes more mistakes after to try and fix all that he had ruined, Booker asks the tear jumping duo that are the Luteces to help him lose his memories of Elizabeth and bring him in one of the alternate universes. He ends up in Rapture, the city that Biochock and Bioshock 2 are set in and continues the life of a private investigator he had before being launched in the events of Bioshock: Infinite. That is, until an unlikely stranger comes knocking at his door.

bioshock-infinite-burial-at-sea-ep-1-dlc-trailer-1024x576(Elizabeth be smoking hot and all grown up in this DLC!)

So it seems that not all the versions of Elizabeth had died in the end. She hires Booker to help find a girl he had sold off for the Little Sister project without thinking (I guess forgetting the past doesn’t prevent you from repeating it). Like in Bioshock: Infinite, Elizabeth follows Booker wherever he goes, giving him (and thus the player) aids if you run out of one or more.  You’ll also have to face the Big Daddy again. Oh, the nostalgia!

Burial at Sea ep. 1 is just the first part of Infinite’s DLC. It concludes many things and reminds you of when vigors were plasmids and the environment is full of crazies. Although I guarantee you that even if you feel satisfied with this episode’s ending, it will be nothing compared to the second episode!

If you’d like to watch the first episode of Burial at Sea’s trailer, here it is!


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