{DLC Review} Bioshock: Infinite Burial At Sea Ep.2


I think at this point there’s no need to mention the fact that spoilers will be given in this review to make sense of things I’ll be mentioning. So now that you’ve been warned, let’s get right on this!

In this episode, we find out that Elizabeth wanted revenge all along and had set up a trap to kill him. It worked, but what she didn’t expect was her own death. Luckily, there was one version of herself left. But that means that she has no more chances if she dies one more time. The consequences of being the only version of herself is that there are no other version to be connected with. In Bioshock: Infinite, players found out that Elizabeth could feel what all her other selves could, knew what they knew. She could also see the past and the future. All of those went away with her second to last death.

download (1)(Closing your own eyes can’t be good for the soul and mind)

While playing as Elizabeth (finally!), albeit without her unique power, players have the choice of being stealthy with a crossbow, or loud and proud with the regular weapons strewn about. The players also discover along with her what seems to be a hallucination of Booker Dewitt. He doesn’t follow her around like Elizabeth did with Booker when he was still alive. Instead she sees him in a few instances and mostly hears him through her radio, guiding her as if she had fabricated him in her mind moments before her second to last self ceased to exist. This is my theory based on the fact that he seems to know what she needs to say when interacting with people she has to negotiate and work with. He also knows where she needs to go and what is to come, like Elizabeth could when she wanted to predict things.

Atlas(The first time we see Elizabeth’s hallucination of Booker)

Now, at this point I would be gushing to you about the ending of this DLC, but that’s not what a review is about. Let’s just say that by playing through this second episode of Burial at Sea, you will see that the overall story of the Bioshock seires depend on the existence of Columbia, Booker and Elizabeth as well the events that occur in Bioshock: Infinite AND the DLC.

Bioshock: Infinite Burial at Sea completed the series in ways I can’t describe. It also completed me. I’m tearing up again just thinking of the second episode’s ending. Not even movies these past few years have been able to cause such an impact on me. That’s how much more mind-blowing it is compared to the first game’s ending (which was still super amazing). Not only did Bioshock keep me at the edge of my seat, it gave me hope with its plot and game mechanics. Hope that series like this can help video games evolve. I see now why the first of the Bioshock series won game of the year after it was released. And I’m determined to make as many gamers I know fall in love with the series, as well as not only make sure that they play through the trilogy, but the DLC for the third game as well. Because they will never be as overly satisfied as when they go through Burial at Sea.

Check out Burial at Sea Ep.2’s trailer if you’re interested or not enough.


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