{Game Review} Bioshock: Infinite


Bioshock: Infinite is the third instalment to the Bioshock series. While the two other games were set in an underwater city, the city in this third game is up in the skies!

In Infinite, you play as an investigator named Booker Dewitt. You’re given a job in which you were told to retrieve a young woman, Elizabeth who was kidnapped when she was just a baby. Once your employers bring you to a lighthouse. From the top of the building, you get launched up in the sky, past the clouds, and into Columbia you arrive.

Once you find the woman you are looking for, she follows you everywhere. The majority of the game is an escort mission, but for once gamers won’t have room to complain about this. Although Eizabeth doesn’t fight, never do you have to worry about her getting hurt by enemies. In addition, she’s always on the lookout for ammo and the substances that replenish your health and vigor (which is the equivalent of magic in this game). AND when you start up the instance where you catch whatever she wants to throw at you to help, you’re given a short breather where no attack can hurt you.


Money is another thing she tosses/throws at you when she finds any.


For those who are familiar with this series, you know that usually there are normal enemies and a bigger enemy, the Big Daddy. As for Infinite, in terms of harder monsters to beat, there are more of them with different characteristics. Something you also don’t have in the other Bioshock games is tracks in the air that you can attach yourself to. Near the very beginning of the game, you get a device that is meant to hook on to the tracks and bring in forward and backward. It’s also very good for melee kills, which you can do. Later in the game you also find out what makes Elizabeth special, she has a special power that she’s able to use at your command to hep distract enemies or summon aids.

Honestly, if you’re a big gamer and are a fan of the Bioshock series then this game is a must to play! The DLC that goes with it also helps complete the whole trilogy, but that’s something I’m saving for another article. Just trust me on this though when I saw that you will be mind-blown by Bioshock: Infinite and how it connects to its two predecessors.

bda37bbf19c6fccea07f8a9d47acb4ee(Normally this would be where I put the trailer for the game, but I couldn’t find a good one. Here’s a nice wallpaper instead!)

 Bioshock: Infinite is for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. I highly recommend you purchase the DLC with it if you do end up buying it. To find out why, check out my reviews of the first and second one.



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