Dawson’s Medieval Day!

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Earlier this month, Dawson had its annual Medieval Day, hosted by the Comi-me and Sci-fi/Fantasy club. They are one of the oldest clubs around. I also think that this event might be almost as old. The day was great at the beginning, and when it started to rain a bit, our fun wasn’t even damped out!

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Like many years before, we had a a champion LARPer come to say hi to friends and show off their swordsmanship. I’m only half serious because the one who came this year is a good friend of mine and I know that he legitimately has fun and is ready to teach us tricks if anyone asks him, just as long as he’s not itching to join in on any group matches.




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The part of Medieval Day is most known for is their tournament that happens after lunch time. No one takes it too seriously, though the level gaps were still there. What I’m trying to say here is that there were no sore losers, basically. I was one of the participants for the tournament for the first time. I managed to get past the first round before getting my ass whooped. It was a lot of fun.




The winner of the tournament is the guy on the right in the picture below this paragraph. The one in middle got second place and the one on the left possibly organized Medieval day. I’m proud that my friend who won did. Not only did he defeat someone with more experience, but he’s in the club that I help make (the metal club to be more exact). AND he has the same name as me with the difference being in the spelling (there’s no e at the end of his). Because Pascal fights barefoot, he cut open his toe a bit. That didn’t stop him from finishing the match! I don’t even think he noticed the cut until after he won against his opponent.

wooh 016

After the tournament, other activities for this day were different types of tug-a-war, team and free-for-all fights and a butchered log throwing competition!

wooh 017

Medieval Day gets hosted every year. If you think that maybe you’d like to check it out next year, I suggest you find me or the Com-ime and Sci-fi/Fantasy clubs next winter semester to know what date it will happen next time.


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