{Album Review} New Demons



You might have a bit of trouble making out the text on this album cover, but it does say New Demons, which is the title of said album. The band responsible for the making of it and the songs found within is called I See Stars.

Two winters ago, I was going to see one of my favourite bands that was part of what was called The Outbreak Tour. Unfortunately, the singer died in a motorcycling accident nearly two months before. So a replacement for them was needed. I See Stars was chosen to fill up the newly unfortunate emptied spot. My first impression of them was anything but stellar. They played a lot of dubstep in between songs from a group I liked without even taking a few seconds to credit them and their songs sounded whiny and messy. Funny enough though, they had more energy and power over the crowd then the band headlining the tour.

I was actually only compelled to give I See Stars another go when at least two friends who have very similar tastes in music as mine told me that they were into them. I think that their popularity mostly rose well from their new album New Demons that came out this last October. So I checked out a few songs…and eventually got the whole list from that album.

ISeeStars-JUL13(Here’s a look at the band before I dwelve into their music and New Demons‘ content.)

I See Stars’s sound is a blend of hardcore and dubstep music. There music was very rusty at first, but even I have to admit that they knew how to get a crowd going early on. Even so, they were mostly judged on their music and probably still are by most of the dubstep hating metalheads. They managed to strive on and hone their skills despite all of that.

Their new album has many songs dedicated to those who thought they sucked and would never rise up the success ladder. Some of those haters even made sure the band was well aware of them. I can just imagine them looking smug at the non-believers they’ve met from the fact that they’re good enough now to be headlining in their own tour this summer.

The rest of the songs in New Demons are divided between life struggling, identify seeking, break up and love songs. There aren’t many slow songs. If they seem like it, it’s because you haven’t gotten through the whole song yet. Also, I suspect that the very titles of Ten Thousand Feet and When I Say Jump, You Say How High could be a dedication to the fans that never gave up on the band. These guys have really come a long way and I’ve gained a lot of respect for them and their stubborn progress. It gives me hope that other bands I don’t quite like right now might get better.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a good blend of hardcore and dubstep, I suggest you try listening to New Demons. I’d give a 4 out of 5. But it’s up to you to figure out if you agree with me or not. I leave you now with a playlist of the album to make your life easier if you actually wanted to check their music out right after reading this article.


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