Assignment #2

What do you mean Classical music is dead?

Classical music, as far as the general public knows, is dead. The rate of people actively listening to music this genre through media like radio channels or live orchestras have been getting steadily lower and lower. I know many more people who have never gone to see a classical performance other then in the form of a field-trip and sometimes for a school assignment. Although, going to see Montreal’s symphony orchestra isn’t exactly cheap either. However, just because the Classical genre isn’t at its prime anymore, does not mean that it is now a simple memory.

To see where the good old fashion, contemplative Classical music is , it’s alive and well in many cities still, with plenty of orchestras and symphonies either touring or sticking around in their concert hall for a good while to come still. One of them is our own symphony of Montreal, who will still be taken care of by Kent Nagano for another five to six years.

Before I begin my next argument, I’d just like to make it clear first that Soundtrack music is not a new, modern Classical genre.  It’s a separate style of music, concerning any form of music in a film or show. Any style can fit in it, including Classical music. This is one way that has helped the genre stay alive. Individual production companies now exist solely for the purpose of creating themed music with classical instruments only. One of the more well-known ones is called Two Steps from Hell. From trailers to soundtracks to original compositions, this company is a geek’s gold mine for the perfect music to play Dungeons and Dragons to.

Some editorials that I’ve read concerning this subject insist on what the requirements are for a musical creation to be considered as Classical. Honestly, I believe that always keeping old traditions and never adapting to the changes in society can be a dangerous game for something such as Classical music. Few people can afford to go see a Classical concert, or prefer to pirate the music then have the live experience.  Yes, those who seem to have the most success may be those who aren’t technically full fledged Classical composers. The thing is, it’s precisely why they’re doing so well. They’ve decided to collaborate together to survive and make something beautiful together instead of relying on the one composer. And even then, that does not mean that we should let the traditional Classical music style die. I just hope that those devoted to it can be satisfied with a modest success.

Find any songs from Two Steps from Hell on youtube or check out their official website at

Monstreal’s orchestral symphony :

Editorials that helped:


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